5 Tips for Keeping Your House in Order

5 Tips for Keeping Your House in Order

5 Tips for Keeping Your House in Order

​​​Clear Unused Items Out Each Month

  • If you have clothes or shoes that you have recently replaced, you may want to donate them or give them to relatives.
  • Getting rid of clutter on a regular basis prevents you from filling the storage room, attic or garage with junk and reducing the amount of living space you have.

Label Everything You Have in the House

  • Labelling items helps to keep them in their place throughout the year.
  • Labelling also makes items easier to identify should they ever get loose, which means you can put it back where it belongs quickly.

Automate Everything That You Possibly Can

  • Automation makes cleaning and organization much easier.
  • A dishwasher will help make doing dishes a snap while a Roomba will help clean the floors.

Put Things Away After Use

  • Never say later – hang it, fold it, store it, but put it away.
  • Avoid leaving clothes on a chair or the floor, towels on top of the dryer or dishes in the sink.
    These things pile up quickly and can overwhelm us if something unexpected becomes a priority.

Seek Professional Help

  • Professional organizers offer ideal solutions for people who find that life – or their belongings – make them feel overwhelmed.
  • With a wealth of experience and the ability to look at your belongings with a neutral eye, a professional can easily take your worst mess and get you organized.