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Other than to reclaim order, peace of mind, and joy?

Anyone can handle personal organization. However, some people simply feel that they lack the organization gene. This is where I come in. Getting a personal organizer does not mean that you yourself are lazy or disorganized – it just means that there are some factors in your life that prevent you from handling the clutter alone. It also means that you desire a certain level of organization that can be best provided by an industry professional.

If your clutter is growing out of hand and you find yourself unable to maintain organization around your house, then it’s best to seek professional help. We come in with a purely objective view of the situation, as unlike yourself and your family members, we do not have a sentimental attachment to any of the clutter in your home. We will not hold on to them as they are but put them to good use.
We can therefore help you to make sound and objective decisions in terms of organization, decluttering, and categorization. Moreover, we will leave you with an easy-to-use organizational structure moving forward, showing you where everything should be and making it easy for you to maintain your space. That way, you will not simply go back to building up clutter again.

Our most important goal is to help you live a stress-free life. We want to make your life easier so that your work, home, relationships, and general wellbeing can maintain a healthy balance. We want to help you enjoy life in a harmonious and comfortable environment.

The world already has a lot going on, and we want to take that weight off your shoulders with love, care, and respect. We can understand your specific needs and genuinely want to help make your world a better place. We don’t see clutter, disorganization, and chaos… we see the beauty in your potential and guide you toward it!

We understand that different clients have different spaces that need organization and decluttering services, and that budgets can vary widely depending on a client’s individual needs. We have various packages and a flexible approach to work within different budgets and time plans to ensure complete satisfaction.

View our various pricing packages here: Pricing

The time it takes to complete this kind of work depends entirely on you and your specific needs! We will always customize my services based on your schedule. The first session is normally the longest and needs your presence.
It is in this first session that we will go through your home, discuss what you would like to keep and get rid of, and talk about your expectations and factors such as budget. After the first session, we will be able to give a good estimate regarding how long the whole exercise will take.
We will work with your schedule to make sure that you are comfortable. The work will be completed as slow or as quickly as you want.

You are our most important asset. For this reason, we will treat you and your home with the utmost dignity. We understand and appreciate the time and effort you have invested to own all that you have, and promise to handle everything with the care and respect it deserves.
Professional organization is a very intimate service, as it involves the organization, categorization and decluttering of your private space. We carry all this out while completely respecting your space and belongings. My team upholds very high standards of integrity and transparency.
I myself am a certified professional organizer with training both in the USA and in Russia, and I have been practicing professional organization since last year.
I uphold the highest level of professionalism while in your home. My personal aim is to ensure your maximum satisfaction. Trust us and we will not let you down!

Before you spend any money on organizational purchases, we encourage you to look around at the materials you already have. We will first carry out the organization and decluttering to establish exactly what you need to buy and the quantity of the materials. More often than not, people discover that they have all that’s necessary, just hidden away inside the clutter.

We use a three-step approach when addressing unwanted stuff in your home:

1. Reusing: all the clutter that we deem reusable can be reused to avoid wastage of resources.
2. Recycle: clutter such as plastics, metals and other recyclable materials are recycled to recover the amount spent on acquiring them.
3. Give away: We encourage giveaways only after taking into consideration the first two approaches, or as per the request of the owner.

In this way, we are able to save a large amount of materials while simultaneously getting rid of everything you no longer need in your life.

Yes, we can provide references from previous clients in Hong Kong.

We do not currently accept credit card payment. However, we do accept payment in cash or by money transfer and PayPal.

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