Professional Home Organizing

We focused on bringing joy to your life

Organize and Declutter Your Space

Decluttering & Organizing

We categorize all your items, grouping similar things together, adapted to suit your needs for easy access and retrieval. Our aim is organize your space to suit your personal preferences and needs depending on your space and desires

Space Planning and Furniture placement

Professional Home Organizing

Space planning is incredibly important to make the most out of the space you have. The correct size and scale of furniture can make or break the look and functionality of a room. We can provide a professional home makeover that is right for any size budget.

WorkshopsProfessional Home Organizing

Learn decluttering and organizing skills in a fun and relaxed environment full of hands-on activities. If you’re interested in a custom workshop for your friends, group, or organization, contact us!

Junk Removal

Professional Home Organizing

Whether you need residential or commercial junk removal services Clutter-Free Team will take care of it without a hitch. From removing old furniture like your old couch to dismantling it and separating each part so that we can dispose of it in the right way.

Get Free

“The Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Closet”

This guide includes:

  • KonMari clothes checklist 
  • Step-by-step guide to declutter and organize 
  • 12 types of clothing you should get rid of immediately 
  • Folding principles which helps you efficiently utilize  the space in drawers

Make your life easier with an orderly storage system for your clothing!

    Home Organizing Service in Hong Kong

    We believe that once your life is clutter free and well arranged, you will have a new appreciation for the importance of living neat.

    Professional Home Organizing

    ClutterFree.hk provides home organizing and decluttering services. We work with individuals, families, offices, and businesses to help reduce clutter and organize space, time, and life. 

    We are using two organizing methods: traditional organizing (western style) and the KonMari Method (eastern style).

    Our clients benefit from this fusion of western and eastern techniques of organizing. Both simplify and organize your home by removing physical items that do not bring joy into your life.

    Your needs always come first: our decluttering and organization services are always tailored towards you and your lifestyle.

    Certified professional organizer and KonMari consultant Marina Voronina can help you organize any of the physical and digital spaces in your life — a closet, a kitchen or home office. She will guide you through the entire process of tidying-up.

    We can help with clutter, sure, but the most significant benefit of working with us is that we’ll also set up a system so you won’t wind up back where you started.

    Gift Cards

    Professional Home OrganizingAn organizing gift certificate from Clutter Free is the perfect gift for your family members, friends, co-workers and employees in Hong Kong. We will help them create a space they will love!
    Order online today and we will email you a Clutter Free Gift Certificate to give to the recipient(s).
    Give the gift of organization!


    Join my list of happy clients and enjoy being clutter and stress-free!
    • "What an amazing experience! Marina knows what to do! I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes and stuff after moving apartments in Hong Kong and Marina has really helped me out! She is the Marie Kondo in Hong Kong. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I feel great and lighter after a few sessions with her. It is so easy. The only must is that you really want to change things. You have to feel it and then do it. No way back! I just loved it and this is only the start. You can see results from day one!"
      AntonioAntonioHong Kong
    • "I would like to tell about my experience with a home organizing specialist, Marina Voronina. She absolutely changed my mind about tidying my home from useless things. I thought I was keeping only useful stuff, clothes, shoes, toys, etc. But now my wardrobes are very well organized and look amazing, and I have more space for storage. I am pleased to recommend this service by Marina Voronina."
      Olena PasichnaOlena PasichnaHong Kong
    • "Had the most amazing experience with Marina and her Clutter-Free approach. Spent few days a week, 3 weeks - and my life has changed! I feel free, not holding on to the past, just enjoying opening the wardrobe every time. It's almost therapeutic - no phycologist needed. Happy happy girl. Can't thank you enough. Highly recommend. 5 stars."
      Olena SmithOlena SmithHong Kong
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