Decluttering is about deciding which things to keep, throw away, donate, and how to organize this effectively. By decluttering, we put things that we care about out of the way, and store them in a well-organized, easy to access, easy to find space.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start decluttering? Sometimes all you need are professional decluttering services to set yourself free!

How can you tell when you have clutter? The sad fact is that many people are battling with a clutter problem, yet don’t know that this is causing the majority of their problems. Assess the situation: The best way to find out whether you have a clutter problem comes from the observation of your own surrounding.Try answering the following questions:

Do you keep things around just because they’re nice yet you don’t know when you’ll ever need them?Do you have a closet full of clothes yet you only wear a handful?Do you have a drawer that only contains junk?Do you have a lot of spare parts from different appliances or even the broken appliances themselves?Are your drawers so full that you can only properly access whatever is on top?Do you hate how your home looks or feels?Has your space grown progressively smaller yet you can’t pinpoint what exactly is filling it up?Do you regularly lose things around the house?Do you have things that serve no particular purpose but you still hold on to them?

The Complete Process of Closet Organizing

Less House, More home

Nobody ever said “I regret organizing my house”. Decluttering is at the core of our journey together. Many people are afraid of decluttering simply because they equate it to getting rid of their possessions. However, decluttering is not synonymous to just throwing stuff away. Our decluttering services employ three different approaches to managing clutter:Reusing: all the clutter that we deem reusable can be reused to avoid wastage of resources.Recycling: clutter such as plastics, metals, and other recyclable materials are recycled to reclaim the amount spent on acquiring them.Giving away: Sometimes, some things don’t just serve you anymore. We encourage giveaways only after considering the first two approaches or as per the request of the owner.

Your reward: the benefits of decluttering

Decluttering will help you:Reclaim more space that had been initially taken up by the clutterRestore the lovely, peaceful nature of your homeGet rid of rodents and pests by reducing their hiding places among the clutterSave money by actually reusing or recycling some of the clutterSave on time by minimizing time wasted on trying to find misplaced itemsImprove other people’s opinions about you and your home