Process of Decluttering and Organizing

How it Works

Here is our standard 4-step process that we use as the basis for our journey together in decluttering and organizing your space.  This is just a guideline and we can also tailor and fine-tune the process to fit individual needs and timelines.

1. Free phone consultation

We will schedule a FREE phone consultation where we discuss your goals and challenges. The duration of such a consultation is around 30 minutes. It’s recommended to send us detailed photos and videos of space you want to organize.

After receiving all the information from you, we will create an action plan to organize your space.

2. Tidy-up Session

All of our clients saying that tidy-up session with ClutterFree feels like something special and festive. Because we know the magic tools of organizing!



Aromatherapy is very beneficial to reduce stress and increase energy level. Natural essential oils are famous for its powerful antibacterial.
ClutterFree provides to each tidy-up session a special kit of essential oils. You choose the aroma you like. And the magic of organizing is started!

Process of Decluttering and Organizing


Decluttering is a process of dialogue between you and the object. ClutterFree will help you to hear and understand this dialogue.We will guide you smoothly through the whole process of decluttering.
Be sure, we won’t push you throwing the things! Only YOU will make all the decisions yourself —anything that sparks joy gets to stay.

Process of Decluttering and Organizing


When decluttering process is done we are moving to the next step – categorizing the items which you decided to keep. We will group together of items that are alike in some way.
Example for clothes category is common to create those sub-categories: blouses, dresses, skirts, pyjamas, sport clothes, underwear, etc. This way, you can quickly find the certain pair of pants you want to wear because all your pants will be hanging in one section of your closet.

Process of Decluttering and Organizing


When we arrive at the stage of organizing we already know the quantity of items you keep, and we created sub-categories for those items.

It’s time to create a “home” for every category. We will create a new organizing system according to the “action plan”.

We can also provide the printed version of the new organizing system plan. It’s very handy for your family members and your domestic helper to maintain the order.

3. Follow-up

It will take some time for you to get use to a new organizing system. We will make a follow-up phone call a month later to make sure that new organizing system suits your needs and if necessary to make a few adjustments according to your lifestyle. We always support our clients even after organizing project is finished.

4. Training domestic helper

Your participation is necessary for each tidy-up session. Because it’s only YOU who will take decisions.
How about to maintain the new organizing system? This process you can easily delegate to your domestic helper.

ClutterFree created a training course for domestic helpers “My Organized Helper”. We can teach your helper organizing skills and techniques.

We create a system to help you stay organized that works with your lifestyle and that of your family members instead of against it.

One size fits all does not apply when creating personalized organizing systems that work and our understanding of that is one of the things that truly sets us apart.

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